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Hand and foot care

Hybrid manicure
Hybrid pedicure
Medical pedicure
Corn and callus removal

Beauty treatments

Eyebrows and eyelashes henna treatment
Eyebrows threading

Facial, neck and neckline treatments

No-needle mesotherapy
Microneedle mesotherapy
Chemical peel
Lifting, moisturizing and regenerating treatments
Discoloration removal treatments
Facial cleansing
Anti-acne treatment

Specialistic treatments

Laser hair removal (IPL technology)
Radio wave treatments using LavaTron 250
Skin tightening treatments (face, neck, neckline, around eyes area and body)
Diathermy and lipolysis (destruction of fat cells)

Aesthetic cosmetic treatments

Needle mesotherapy for face, neck, neckline, eyes and palms
Needle mesotherapy for scars and stretch marks removal
Needle mesotherapy for loose knee and arm skin removal
Needle mesotherapy for head skin
Injection lipolysis
Fat removal (chin, stomach, tights, buttocks)


Wedding makeup
Evening makeup
Everyday makeup
Groom makeup
Face contouring
Individual makeup education and workshops
Complex appearance change for men and women plus styling choice

Rejuvi care and makeup cosmetics resale